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Top 5 Yoga Mudras and All Its Benefits, what is a yoga Mudra actually?

So what is a yoga mudra actually

While a lot of importance is given to postures and breathing patterns in yoga, the significance of yoga mudras still remains behind the curtains. This subtle and yet very important yogic aspect has a big role to play in balancing the energies of our bodies. So what is a yoga mudra actually?

Mudra in Sanskrit means gesture or seal. Thereby, Yoga mudras are powerful hand gestures that help us stimulate the flow of energy while practicing yoga. As per the science of yoga, our body is made up of five elements of the universe namely water, fire, land, air, and sky. The five fingers of our hand represent these elements. By placing our fingers in various yoga mudras we can unleash umpteen benefits for our mental and physical health.

Now that we know the yoga mudra meaning, let us look at some yoga mudra poses and their benefits. But before that, we must be aware of the yoga mudra position we must take before any practice. Usually, Vajrasana or the Lotus Pose is the ideal posture to perform yoga mudras. These postures would help you unfold the maximum benefits of yoga mudras.

We are now ready to learn about the Yoga mudras benefits:

Gyan Mudra

This is the most common mudra, also known as the chin mudra. The tips of the thumb and the index finger are brought together while the rest three fingers are kept stretched.


This pose is very beneficial to increase mental concentration while simultaneously reducing depression. Regular practice of the Gyan mudra can help cure all physiological disorders and strengthen your nervous system.

Shuni Mudra

Shuni mudra is just like Gyan mudra, except that instead of the first finger, the tip of the middle finger is joined with the tip of the thumb. The other fingers are kept loosely stretched.


Practice this yoga mudras to enhance discipline and improve stability in your daily life. If you often confront impatience on a regular basis, then Shuni mudras will surely help you attain a state of calmness.


Prana Mudra

Prana means the source of life. Bring together the tip of your thumb, little finger and ring finger to perform prana mudra. Keep the rest of the two fingers straight.


Prana mudra instills energy in your body. It aids in good physical health by increasing the metabolism of the body. It also builds strong immunity against various diseases.

Vayu Mudra

Vayu means air. Vayu mudra focuses on balancing the air element of our body. To perform this mudra, bend your index finger and press it with your thumb while keeping the other fingers straight.


The Vayu Mudra helps in relaxing the muscles. It is specifically useful to treat gastric problems, joint pain and restlessness.

Buddhi Mudra

The Buddhi mudra is performed by bringing the tip of the little finger together with the tip of the thumb. The other three fingers are kept loosely straight.


This yoga Mudras is a very interesting one as it is used to enhance intuitive knowledge of a person. This mudra brings together the very opposite fire and water element and opens the gates of intuitive communication.

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