5 Epic Destinations For A 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Immersion

Top 5 International Destinations for Yoga Teacher Training

Hey there Yogis! All this time you’ve been preparing yourself both mentally and physically to take up the 300-hour yoga teacher training. Now that you are ready for this serious commitment, suddenly you find yourself surrounded by an array of choices to make. The most difficult of these choices is to finalize the destination that will be most suitable for your YTT journey.

With a plethora of International Yoga Centres to choose from, you’ll have to keep in mind many factors such as climate, cost, culture, and location as per your requirement.

For a wholesome experience of your efforts and fruitful results of the time and money you are planning to invest, we’ve created a list of top 5 international getaways for you to pursue 300- Hour Yoga Teacher Training Immersion.Making an informed decision about where and how to accomplish your advanced training would now be easy. Let’s go!


Beautiful beaches, mighty mountains, vast oceans and friendly people make up for an ideal setting to practice the 300- hour yoga teacher program.. Thailand-The land of smiles is a popular yoga destination for peace seekers from around the globe majorly because of Buddhism being the primary religion of this country. There are a number of yoga studios offering YTT and retreats.
Thailand has a colorful culture and some crazy food to explore as well. The country witnesses a huge influx of hippies so if you are a flower child too, you might make some amazing and like-minded friends to remember for a lifetime.


Nepal has a vivid terrain that makes it extremely likable for pursuing a 300-hour yoga teacher training. Apart from being popular because of Mt. Everest, Nepal is a home for many reputed yoga schools. It has a Buddhist population, hence the people are always friendly and at peace. The best part is that it has a really affordable currency as compared to many countries. This makes is really inexpensive to travel and stay in Nepal. Yoga course and travel in Nepal is nothing less than a steal deal.

#3: BALI


Mountains, beaches, temples and coral reefs summarize what a treat Bali is to a peace lover. Practicing a 300-hour yoga teacher training in such a beautiful place would surely amplify the experience. Bali has a culture that’s in a way inclined to Hinduism and hence it has its connection to Yoga. The place is a haven for art lovers since Balinese people are known for being artsy in every possible way. Bali is popular for its serene islands and practicing yoga surrounded by sea would surely be an experience of its own kind.


Delve into a rich yoga experience on the beaches of Costa Rica amidst breathtaking rainforests. It has a tinge of Caribbean vibe which is said to be influenced by Asian culture. This connects Costa Rica to Yoga. If you have an inclination towards surfing, it is here that you can club your 300-hour yoga teacher training along with some amazing water sports. This place is especially suitable for people of States due to the proximity to their country. Moreover, since Costa Rica is a small country, it isn’t really costly to travel within.

The country swears by the phrase ‘Pura Vida’, which means simple life and this is exactly what a yogi aspires for.


5 Epic Destinations For A 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Immersion

The number one yoga destination is no secret to anybody. After all, the land of Himalayas, the sacred Ganges and most importantly, the birthplace of Yoga is a dream destination for all yoga practitioners. There are innumerable yoga schools which provide quality 300-hour yoga teacher training with root concepts of the subjects. To satisfy the traveler in you, the country has panoramic landscapes and finger licking food to offer. The people here are very warm and always up for a chit-chat session.While in India, you also get to experience the goodness of Ayurveda. The lifestyle followed in the yoga ashrams is very balanced and soul-satisfying. This place is a potpourri of various cultures that will always leave you wanting for more.

Every place has a distinct vibe and it is really a matter of personal choice depending on the environment which is best suitable for you. It is a good practice to inquire about the school you want to enroll in and learn about your program of interest. Connect with alumni of the institution to get a clear picture of your prospect journey well in time.

Since your 300-hour yoga teacher training would not just change your life but would also shape the lives of your students, you would want to choose a destination that would meet all your expectations. With that being said, hope you have found the place that would make your yoga journey worth cherishing.

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