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Yoga has taken the world by a storm. We see a lot of celebrities include the importance of yoga in their fitness regime. Even medical science acknowledges the benefits of yoga. Indeed, Yoga has marked a spectacular journey from the east to the west, benefiting everyone on its way.

So it is not surprising that on this journey yoga was also subjected to multiple perceptions. Some people thought it was a religion. Others associated it with mysticism and hippie culture. In modern times, some people practice yoga because it is an exercise that lets you achieve the trending ‘body goals’. Social media is buzzed with yoga-related posts.

While nothing is wrong about having any motivation behind practicing yoga, we must understand that yoga is not confined to any of these. Yoga is way beyond any trending fashion. It is timeless.

What is Yoga?

This brings us to the big question- What is Yoga?

Yoga means union. It is a way to develop a balance among the physical, mental and the spiritual. While most forms of exercises bring physical well-being, yoga does not just aim to transform the physique. It’s a holistic work out that includes performing asanas or poses along with controlled breathing and meditation. There is a whole lot of forms for yoga. Some are fast-paced and intense. Others are gentle and relaxing.


Why and how does it work? Yoga is effective because it brings instant gratification as well as lasting transformations. Practicing yoga hold a lot of importance of yoga daily life. A continuous practice results in deeper rooted life-long benefits. The benefits of yoga have been studied time and again and are backed by several independent studies. Let us break it down how it affects each area of your body.

Core: For every muscle in your body, there exists a yoga pose. Want to tighten those love handles? A side plank is an ultimate exercise for you. Middle abs are targeted with various poses such as the boat pose. Sounds exactly like the body goals we mentioned right?

Arms: Get those toned and strong arms with a range of asanas. The best thing is that you don’t even require external weights to support your training, your body weight is sufficient. It is so fascinating that one can use their own weight to train their body.

Legs: Yoga poses tone the entire leg from your hips to your ankle. Thighs and quadriceps are also strengthened with these yoga poses.

Back: There are a number of poses to give you a stronger back and also relieves sore pain. It is the best way to achieve a toned and flexible back. Do the ‘bridge pose’ to reach to the healthier side for your back.

Stress Relief:

Yoga brings some visual changes, yes.  But it powers you from within as well by increasing your energy, confidence and most of all by relieving stress. Yoga improves blood circulation, transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The improved blood flow results in healthier organs reduce blood pressure and high cardiovascular endurance. Yoga involves a whole lot of controlled breathing. It entails filling your lungs to their full capacity, thus allowing them to work more efficiently and hence helps you control your respiratory rate. A little twisting, bending and controlled breathing also helps you overcome anxiety. All these factors ensure that your mind stays happy and healthy.

Stronger Immunity:

Just as we feel relaxed after a good massage, the same way our organs feel healthy after yoga exercises. It is not wrong to say yoga is like an internal massage for your organs. It makes you aware of your body and you will be able to make out instantly if there is anything wrong with it. Your body prepares to fight any diseases it might incur and thus providing you a stronger immunity.


Yoga gives you a balanced metabolism keeping your body weight apt. It also helps you fight gastrointestinal issues because it circulates digestive juices in the right quantity in your body. It works wonders for both men and women alike.

Anti Aging

Chronic pain has affected millions of people around the world irrespective of their age. With yoga, you can increase your pain tolerating capability which helps reduce pain. As yoga works towards healing and enhancing every cell in the body, your body automatically becomes more immune.  Yoga also eases the body by reducing the strain. It is also responsible for giving you a steady heart rate. It also rids your body of toxins, delaying premature aging, now that is something everybody wants.

The Ultimate Balance-Spiritual, Mental and Physical

Yoga is all about attaining the perfect balance in all your 3 states- spiritual, mental and physical. It makes you strong enough to not be affected by any negative thoughts that might occur. It gives you a healthy body and healthy mind. Yoga brings radiance to your personality as you make it a part and parcel of your life.

Yoga is the holistic approach to control your mind, body, and soul. Practice it and be a stronger, energized, confident and healthy version of yourself, in and out. Now that we have the know-how, open up that magical mat, and fly away to a world of new possibilities.

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